07/2023 add to the hoarde page.

07/2023 create some shrines.

06/2023 figure out how to get the site buttons + music player into an iframe so I don't have to edit every single freaking page on this site to change them (if anyone can help me with this PLEASE email me!!!).

01/2023 create the links page.

01/2023 add sprites to each of the OC pages.

01/2023 add descriptions (and potentially dates) to all art in the gallery.

01/2023 finish the OC pages, including art and info.

02/2023 replace the "image of the week" section with something else.


07/2023 create the hoarde page.

07/2023 create the shrines page.

01/2023-06/2023 reorganize the site files.

02/2023 add a page for commission info.

01/2023 impliment an art gallery.

01/2023 remove the quote box and replace it with a to-do list.