20/03/2024 updated the blog. Adjusted some fonts. Also added new stuff to the 2023 art gallery, and added a gallery for 2024!

12/03/2024 made a few small adjustments, including adding a hit counter, a cool dragon, and adjusting some fonts (including importing new ones from Google!) with a cool colourful glowing effect. Thanks Poly for letting me know this was even possible!! I also stole the font and design from them. Show them some love, their site rocks!

10/2023 updated the music playlist. Made some small adjustments to the About page.

10/2023 added a little self portrait to the index page. sorry i've been gone for so long, life has been so hectic :(

06/2023 updated the gallery, updated the shrines directory, started working on the VTM shrine, created the hoarde page and added some stuff.

06/2023 finished updating and reorganizing the site dashboard. Also made some small adjustments to the index.

19/04/2023 happy birthday UFOCHASING

04/2023 UFOCHASING will be going through some maintenance soon while I organize the site dashboard. This means that, in the meantime, many pages on the site may be down or completely broken. It will take me a long time to get everything back up and running, so please bear with me. Thank you for your patience!

12/04/2023 updated the blog, changed around some stuff on the homepage.

25/02/2023 added a page for commission info.

18/01/2023 updated the art gallery.

16/01/2023 added a new blog post.

13/01/2023 removed the quote box and replaced it with a to-do list. Added all the character pages, but so far only one is actually finished, you can find it here please open in new tab!

12/01/2023 finished uploading all the art to the gallery-- now I just need to add descriptions.

11/01/2023 started working on the gallery pages, now I just have to fill them with art!

10/01/2023 began working on the OCs page, adjusted the index.

09/01/2023 updated the stamps and blinkies to be inline frames. I tried to do the link buttons too, but couldn't figure it out :(

08/01/2023 changed the layout of the blog, began converting recurring elements of the site to display via inline frames. Oh my god this is so frustrating please send help

07/01/2023 posted on the blog, made some small adjustments.

29/12/2022 added a new blog post, adjusted the site font, added a new index page with a photosensitivity warning, added a new song of the week.

22/12/2022 added to the about page. Put in some memes. Added an interests section. The about page is done for now! Added and finished the blog page. Wrote one entry, lost all the previous entries from 19/04/2022 onwards :(

21/12/2022 removed the index page. Edited page links. Started working on the about page. Added a random "fun facts" generator.

18/11/2022 updated the index/entry page, added warnings for the visuals of the site. Added more music to the SCM playlist, added a link to my bandcamp.

15/11/2022 optimized the code for the homepage and switched to external instead of internal CSS. Added a pausing feature to the marquees. Changed the cursor to "furby-elephan.gif".

14/11/2022 contiued to update the homepage. Added more graphics, a cbox, a "video of the week" feature, and added an enlarging effect to buttons when hovered on.

13/11/2022 updated the home page. Added new buttons (custom-made) to link to other pages; added a new header; added a scrolling marquee of blinkies; added a list of sites I like; The Wizard moved in; changed the layout and design of the entire home page.

01/10/2022 this site will be undergoing a renovation soon! My goal is to add more custom-made elements and impliment a side-wide layout to standardize each page. I'll have to brainstorm what this should look like...

06/08/2022 added a new front page, updated the shrines page, started working on one shrine, edited the home page a little. Also updated the blog and adjusted the page slightly.

18/06/2022 updated the blog. Still designing and redesigning the oc categories...

27/05/2022 updated the ocs page and began to add character information. Started to design the other oc category pages.

25/05/2022 added a page for my ocs. Made by myself with CSS :)

02/05/2022 updated the blog and began to work on the shrines page.

01/05/2022 added a page for my portfolio.

30/04/2022 finished decorating the blog page. Wrote another entry.

22/04/2022 added a blog page. Wrote one entry. Haven't changed much about the page yet. Changed the div box colours and the page background.

21/04/2022 added an about page. Added an in-depth div box with information about my hobbies and interests. Added a lot of blinkies and graphics, including a custom-made glittery Shadow graphic. Also added links to thedifferent pages on the site, although some are not yet functional. Moved blinkies to the bottom of the page and moved page links to the top.

20/04/2022 added links to the blinkies, as well as an updates section. Also added some graphics from sonic heroes. Added a scrollbar to the updates section.

19/04/2022 added a header, a background, many blinkies, and a simple section with info about the site. Also added a favicon, custom cursor and a glitter trail for the mouse.