More about myself...

As stated on my home page, you can call me Miles, or Milo if you prefer. I'm currently 19, and I'm a Leo! (Rawr!) I identify as a binary transgender man and I generally refer to myself as "transmasculine/transmasc". My pronouns are he/him/his. I am neurodivergent.

As you can probably tell by the layout and design of my website, I have a lot of pretty defined interests! I love bright colours and pixel graphics. I like blinkies and stamps a lot, I think they're very cute and charming and I love sites that have them plastered all over. Most of the blinkies on my home page are links, either to things like my Tumblr, Youtube, or Itch.io, or to random things that I like. So click around and see what you can find!


As for my interests and hobbies, they are intense and plentiful! I love to draw and make stuff, I enjoy reading but tend to do it rather infrequently, and I also enjoy writing (which I also do infrequently). I absolutely love to collect toys. My favourites in particular are vintage toys, especially Care Bears. I also Love MLP, Strawberry Shortcake, Beanie Kids and fashion dolls such as Monster High, Rose Petal Place and Lalaloopsy (minis specifically). I also like Sanrio toys and I own quite a few dinosaur toys and Sonic toys. I do also like toy customisation, but I myself am a bit of an amateur when it comes to repaints, so I prefer to admire other people's work.

One of my other main hobbies is video games! I love games of all genres and styles, but I'm very partial to life simulation and open world games. I have too many favourites to make a true top 5, but some of my favourites are Psychonauts 1, Breath of the Wild, Splatoon 2, Fallout New Vegas, The Sims 2, Silent Hill 3, VTM:B, and Pokemon Black/White/2. But in general I love Sonic, The Sims series, splatoon, Zelda and Pokemon. Other games I like are Animal Crossing (specifically New Leaf), Katamari, the MySims series, Rune Factory, Stardew Valley and Silent Hill. As you can see, there's a lot of games I like! There are many I didn't list. My favoruite consoles are the Nintendo DS/3DS and Playstation 2. I LOVE Lowpoly graphics. Some of my favourite games stylistically are Psychonauts 1 (by FAR my favourite game in terms of art style), Animal Crossing: Population Growing, American McGee's Alice, and Magician's Quest: Mysterious Times.

Aside from video games, there is a lot of other media and subjects that I'm interested in. I like nature, especially bugs, rocks/gems, and dinosaurs. I find archeology, palentology and history fascinating. I love Dungeons and Dragons, and I have a strong interest in practical film effects and puppetry. I like music as well, and my favourite bands are Insane Clown Posse, MCR, Duran Duran and Oingo Boingo. I listen to a lot of horrorcore, emo and new wave, as well as other music from the 80s and a bit from the 90s. Eventually I will add a link right here when I have a playlist/music page. I'm a huge Trekkie and my favourite series is DS9. I also love Homestuck despite all its faults (don't even talk to me about HS2 though), and I really like cartoons, especially Invader Zim and Adventure Time. Pokemon has been my lifelong special interest since I was around 8 years old. My adulthood special interest is Sonic, as you can probably tell, but I do still love Pokemon very much. :)


I also like movies, although I don't claim to have the best taste. I love campy and goofy movies, as well as (light) horror. I'm not a fan of crazy gore but I love horror elements. I love stop motion and practical effects in movies, as well as 2D animation. Some of my favourite movies include Spree, Spiderman 2, Sonic/Sonic2, Kiki's Delivery Service, Howl's Moving Castle, Into the Spiderverse, Ponyo, Coraline, Beetlejuice, Reanimator, Venom, Twilight, WWDITS, The Shining and The Matrix. A lot, I know!


When it comes to shows, I have a pretty mixed collection. I don't watch much TV. As I said above, I like cartoons. I like Invader Zim, Adventure Time, and My Little Pony. I like anime, and my favourites are Lucky Star, Death Note and Jojo's Bizarre Adventure. As for live action, I love Star Trek, and I also like Hannibal, OFMD and WWDITS. Oh, and also Seinfeld. In a semi-ironic sense. It accidentally became my hyperfixation for a little while. I don't even remember why! My favourite show (that I'm also hyperfixating on right now) is LA by Night <3


I love neon and pastel colours of the whole rainbow, but my all-time favourite colour is lime green! Some of my favourite characters include Jasper Hartwood, Razputin Aquato, Karkat Vantas, Vriska Serket, Tails the Fox, Steve Harrington and Heather Mason. My favourite pokemon are Politoed, Jirachi and Espeon. My favourite VTM clans are the Nosferatu and Malkavnians.

This is where you can learn a little bit more about the creator of this site!


This is where you can learn a little bit more about the creator of this site!

Singing Hatsune Miku

This website was coded by Miles/UFOCHASING! All graphics belong to their respective creators, with the exception of the few that I made. Thank you for visiting my site!

My interests summarized!


Psychonauts, Fallout (1,2, New Vegas), Vampire the Masquerade (the TTRPG and Bloodlines), Dungeons and Dragons, Splatoon, Animal Crossing. The Sims (2), Silent Hill 3, Pokemon (HGSS, BW/2, RSE/ORAS)


Spree, Spiderman 2, Sonic/Sonic 2, Kiki's Delivery Service, Into the Spiderverse, Beetlejuice, Twilight, The Matrix


LA by Night, Stranger Things, Adventure Time, Lucky Star, Death Note, Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Star Trek, Hannibal, WWDITS


MCR, ICP, Duran Duran, Oingo Boingo, The Beach Boys, Aphex Twin, Rob Zombie, The Beastie Boys, Gorillaz, BOA, MSI, Blondie, Weird Al


Twilight, The Hannibal series, Stephen King


Toy collecting, video games, drawing, writing, making games, making music, working on my site, tabletop role playing games

Other interests

Dinosaurs, history, hacking/modding, toy customising, rocks, bugs