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06/08/2022 ah, so I've been super busy lately... I've been working at my new job, and I'm glad to say it's very professional and well-run. I should be getting my first payslip sometime in the next few days, I think. I've still been really artblocked, and I genuinely have no idea what to do... it feels like it'll never end :( how do I get my inspiration and motivation back...? Aside from that, i've just been working on my site a bit lately, and all of my friends have gotten really into theirs as well, so I feel a lot more motivated to do some updates! I added an email to my homepage if anyone ever wants to contact me, for any reason. Questions, asking for some of my code, or just wanting to chat, those are all fine by me. If for some reason the link doesn't work, the address is ufochasing@aol.com. | Currently listening to: What You Know by Two Door Cinema Club | Currently Feeling:


23/07/2022 it's been about a month since I last updated the blog! Let's see... My last job let me go (in a very lazy and cowardly way lmao, love when they just stop giving you shifts and don't tell you anything until you ask), but I just found out today that I got a new job (one with an actual payslip! yay! no more shady shit!) and I've been getting really REALLY into Vampire: the Masquerade recently, I'm so obsessed with it it's really fun !!! I've also been watching L.A. by Night, a vtm webseries that I HIGHLY reccomend (especially if you like found family). Let's see, what else has been going on... I've been playing a lot of DBD latey, and I've been super artblocked but I think I'm starting to break out of it a little bit. | Currently listening to: Bela Lugosi's Dead by Bauhaus | Currently Feeling:


24/06/2022 woah it's been ages since I last updated the blog! Hello :) let me do a quick rundown of what the last month or so has been like for me. Let's see... I got a job, adopted a stray kitten, and have barely drawn anything lately... on Sunday I'm going to another toy fair, and I have a bit of money saved from working, so I'm excited for that! Aside from those things it's been pretty boring, and I've been feeling a bit depressed, you know how it is... | Currently listening to: Save a Prayer by Duran Duran | Currently Feeling:


02/05/2022 I had another job interview today, so I feel a bit reassured that I'll at least get one of the jobs I interviewed for. I should hear back tomorrow I think, for both of them. Sigh... well... Guess who still misses his partner... :( In brighter news, the toy fair was really cool! I wish I had gotten more stuff than I even did, but I didn't have much money to spend... I thought it would be cool if I were to post a (very) small snippet of my toy collection. The new additions are the Orange Blossom and Raspberry Tart dolls, the Lime Chiffon mini, the Cheerilee toy, the Littlest Pet Shops, and the Pinkie Pie EQ doll. There was also a rare Pickaberry circus doll there that I desperately wish I had gotten, but it was too expensive for me... in retrospect I REALLY should have gotten it, because it's crazy expensive to buy online. Well, that aside, here's the pictures. Take a look! :P Currently listening to: Hi Scores by Boards of Canada | Currently Feeling:


01/05/2022 oh man, I'm so sick of where I'm working right now... I really need a better job *cries*. Tomorrow (or today technically) I'm going to a toy fair with my friend and her family! I'm really excited to see what I can find and look at all the stuff! Today I finished my portflio page and updated my commissions, I really hope I get some soon, because I kinda really need the help... Oh, and surprise surprise, I still miss my partner a lot. It'll still be a week at least before I see them next. Sigh... Currently listening to: Film by Aphex Twin | Currently Feeling:


30/04/2022 *le sigh* things have not been too great lately. I still miss my partner a lot, would you believe it! It's been too long since I've seen them. I had a job interview/trial this week, I hope I get it, it would be nice to have something closer to home with more hours... fingers crossed! I've decided to go back to school next year, not entirely because I want to. I really should start working on my portfolio/selection task ASAP. My hope is that I can get one of my game projects finished. Probably Down the Rabbit Hole...? Not sure yet, but I think DTRH looks better visually and might be more impressive than say, Kaleidoscope, but I don't really have any music made for DTRH... Well, either way, I'd better get back on it... Currently listening to: End of Small Sanctuary by Akira Yamaoka | Currently Feeling:


22/04/2022 so I've been working on my website for about 3 days now, I believe. It feels really good to have a creative project that isn't so draining. Of course, HTML isn't the easiest thing in the world, but it feels like a finished product a lot quicker, and I feel a lot more satisfied by the time I'm finished working on it for a few hours, because I'm able to see it come together. It just feels great to be making something so different than I usually would be. I miss my partner :( But today I played Roblox with my friends for like, 4 hours or something, and it was a lot of fun. After feeling low lately, it was great to laugh again. :) <3 Currently listening to: Familiar Patterns by PUP | Currently Feeling:

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