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NAME: Miloes Lorvat/ SPECIES: troll/ AGE: 9 sweeps/ CATEGORY: Personas/Self Inserts, Fantrolls/fankids

An Alternian troll. He is an Oliveblood, with an ant lusus. He has a deep fascination with insects, although is somewhat disgusted by them. He likes to collect small bugs and observe them, keeping them in jars in his hive. He can be somewhat shy and unconfident, but very talkative around people he knows well. He is very awkward and hates eye contact. Prone to taking jokes too far or being mean-spirited but shies from conflict.

NAME: Uranium/ SPECIES: mothrabbit/ AGE: ???/ CATEGORY: Personas/Self Inserts, Furries/Ponies

A creature made in a laboratory. Part moth, part rabbit, completely radioactive. Incapable of flight. Incredibly shy, struggles to speak most days, almost incapable of eye contact. Glows in the dark.

NAME: Fenton Fiere/ SPECIES: human/ AGE: 23/ CATEGORY: Personas/Self Inserts, Fandom

A forensic artist in Japanifornia. Squeamish and timid at the best of times, and deeply regrets his career choice most days. Prone to fainting. Has a secret love of cartoons and wants to be an illustrator. Likes to wear novelty ties. Transmasc.

NAME: Robert "Robbie" Sunderland/ SPECIES: human/ AGE: 19/ CATEGORY: Personas/Self Inserts, Fandom

Born September 3rd, 1966. Born and raised in Hawkins, Indiana. Has a twin sister named Jeanette. Gloomy and prone to melodramatics and angsting. Acts serious and cold. Has a deep, deep love of the horror genre as a whole, especially horror movies. Adores cheesy movies and practical effects, and can't ge enough of fake blood. Extremely passionate about his interests. Has had many, many part-time jobs, but currently works at a video store.

NAME: Creepy Crawlie/ SPECIES: pony (pegasus)/ AGE: 19/ CATEGORY: Personas/Self Inserts, Furries/Ponies

An entomologist. Nerdy, awkward, and shy. His cutiemark is a beetle under a magnifying glass.

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