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Who am I, and why did I make this site?

Howdy! Welcome to my little corner of the net I'm a webmaster, artist, and hoarder of hobbies and interests from Australia. Here you can find a lot of information about things I like, things I've made, and more! This site is basically a permanent work in progress, so I try to update frequently!

I made this site because I finally got sick of the sad, boring, monochromatic hellscape that most social media sites have become. Like many people I love the customisability of Tumblr, but I have my own personal problems with the site, and I felt like I was finally ready to take the plunge into making my own personal website fully dedicated to myself and the things that I love.

I truly miss the "Old Web", also known as Web 1, where everyone had their own personal website that was perfectly catered to them as an individual, and you could be whoever you wanted to be. Professionalism, cohesiveness, trends and aesthetic standards were ignored or flat-out despised, in favour of doing whatever you wanted to do as an individual.

Neocities is part of a movement designed to encourage freedom and creativity. Where you are free to be who you want to be, and you don't have to be confined to the soulless and endless white scrolling of modern websites. This is a place where I want to be able to share all of my interests, projects, artwork, and thoughts! This website is a personalised replacement for most social media I have used in the past, and I will never go back to many of the sites and apps I used to frequent. Please, if you like my site, consider making your own! It's an extremely fun and fulfilling project that I'm sure you will enjoy. Welcome back to Web 1, enjoy your stay!

Note: This site is NOT optimized for mobile! I view my site on Firefox at 88% zoom, so I reccomend that as the optimal viewing experience.

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I don't expect to get that many hits to be quite honest, but I do find it really interesting to see how many people have viewed my and other's sites!

UFOCHASING has been coded and run by Miles since April 19th 2022 :) Thanks for visiting my site, have a nice day!