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Malldur's Gate is a modern AU I started working on in October 2023 after I had gotten completely and utterly obsessed with Baldur's Gate 3. In this AU, my Dark Urge character (Mayhem), along with the companions, work at a mall. Pretty simple. Various other NPCs and major characters are featured as well. None of the characters are really 1 to 1 with their game counterparts, and neither are their arcs. This whole AU is just for self indulgent fun! I plan on going more into detail about each character, where they work, their relationships with other characters, etc in other pages in this shrine. But for the sake of summary:

Mayhem is the manager of a Hot Topic, Astarion works at a perfume shop, Karlach works at the Lego store, Shadowheart at a Christian bookstore (and also a an adult store outside of the mall), Lae'zel is a personal trainer at the gym (and also teaches kids martial arts classes and adult self defense classes), Gale works at a bookstore and volunteers at the library on weekends, and Wyll is a mall cop and volunteer firefighter.




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