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Pet is slim and lean and lightly toned. He stands at around 5'6" but frequently wears heeled and platformed shoes that make him look taller than he is. He is quite pale, bordering on grey. He has a sharp, heart-shaped face, chapped, over-bitten lips, and a crooked ski-slope nose with a little bump on the bridge that looks like it had been broken at least once. He frequently wears eyeliner and dark eye makeup, which is almost always smudged and rarely ever washed away. His hair style and eye colour often changes, but mostly he is seen with shaggy, curly, shoulder length blonde hair, and glowing pink-red eyes with black sclera. He has several tattoos and piercings. He usually dresses in dark, revealing clothes, like cropped shirts, tank tops, tight jeans and leather pants. He is also usually seen with his signiature hot pink leopard print fur coat and round black sunglasses.








The colour pink
Cute animals
Beautiful people
His boyfriend β™‘ (only Pet believes he's his boyfriend)
Being disobeyed by his inferiors
Camarilla fuckheads
When his food doesn't try to fight back
Having to drink from animals

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