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Summer is tall, lean, and slightly curvy, standing at about 5'10". She has many piercings and tattoos. Usually seen wearing distinctive black and white Juggalo-style face paint; but when she’s not, she tends towards either a bare face, or smokey black eye makeup and black lipstick. Frequently wears hair in pigtails or a ponytail. Her hair is permanently straightened and dyed deep red, but naturally, as a human, it was dark brown and curly. She usually wears black Doc Marten boots. She has a sharp face with a long nose, thin, over-plucked eyebrows, pouty lips, and heavy bags under her eyes.



Summer is an NPC in my VTM chronicle L.A. by Night, which is set in 2010. Also, if any of my players are reading this--- no metagaming!!! These notes were actually taken directly from my chronicle planning document.

Born in Albuquerque, New Mexico in the early 80s to a broken family: a deadbeat father, a sick mother, and an ex-felon older brother. As a child, she was mostly raised by her brother, Harley, who worked hard to support their family and put his past behind him. It was never easy for them; her brother struggled to get by and support them all, and often found himself falling back into bad habits and committing petty crimes just to get by. Harley was constantly punished and abused by those in positions of power over him: his employers, his parole officer, his landlord. Once, as Harley was picking Summer up from school, he was pulled over by a cop who claimed he ran a red light. As Harley defended himself, the officer dragged him out of the car and beat him in front of Summer, leaving him a ticket, and driving away. This incident cemented her hatred of cops for life and instilled in her a desire to provide for and protect her brother as he had for her someday.

When Summer was 13 and Harley was 29, their mother passed away from complications with lung cancer; the kids relocated to L.A., thinking it would be a fresh start where they wouldn’t be as targeted as they had been before, and where their father wouldn’t be able to find them. As a teenager, facing bullying and ostracization from her peers, Summer dropped out of high school and aimed to become a mechanic, while her brother cycled through jobs with bad luck, trying his best to stay out of trouble and do his best for his sister.

At age 19, after years of questioning but not having the time, space, or energy to really think about it, Summer realised that was a trans girl. She came out to her brother soon after, and although he was apprehensive and confused at first, it was more important to him that his sister was happy, and he supported her as much as he could. Along with her apprenticeship, Summer had to pick up a couple of part-time jobs to be to be able to afford her HRT.

In the early-mid 90s, Summer became a devout Juggalo, finding a sense of community and friendship that she had never been able to experience before, as she had always felt isolated before, as a child and teen. She met Wayne, who instantly became her closest friend, and dated/slept around constantly, never being able to settle into a relationship, mostly out of boredom. She has a few girlfriends she met during this period that she is still friendly with at this point.

On Halloween of 2009, walking home in the early AM hours after a local Juggalo Gathering, Summer was “mugged”; or so she thought. In reality, she was attacked by a hungry, careless Brujah, who, regretting his mistake, Embraced her, and left her in the dark behind a dumpster, hoping he would never see her again.

Since her Embrace, Summer has become something of a menace to the community. She is young, reckless, and angry, and doesn’t truly understand what she has become; she has quickly taken to using and casting aside humans, seeing them as playthings more than anything else; she’s neglecting her human connections in exchange for the instant gratification of sex, blood, and partying, and ignoring her quickly degrading humanity. Her brother and her friends rarely see her, except when she needs something from them, and never during the day. She hasn’t met any other vampires (that she knows of), has never heard the word “clan” before, and no one has taught her about the society she has been brought into. If she keeps behaving the way she does, she’s going to learn the hard way.






Horror movies
Beating facists
Hot babes
Violent video games
Comic books
Cherry Cola Faygo
Can't get high anymore :(
Food tastes like ash now
Her ex (fuck clan Tremere)
Most people
L.A. traffic

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