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HUGE shoutout to Alex for helping me with the way the gallery works, please check out hir site, ze was a huge help :) Click on a thumbnail to view a full-size version of the piece. Images may take a little while to load, so please be patient :)

Works are sorted in no particular order and (currently) undated, but as of 2023 I'll be uploading things as I make them and adding dates. Sections don't include all of my works for each year-- mostly just some of my favourites, or at least ones I think are worth uploading. NOTE: I am still working on adding image IDs to each piece, as well as descriptions and background info and (in some cases) dates. Thanks for your patience!

NOTE: I do NOT consent to my work being used in any capacity without my permission! Please contact me if you would like to use something I've made on your site, as an avatar, etc. This only extends to my illustrations; when it comes to buttons, stamps, etc, please feel free to use them freely and without credit.

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